Cooking the Books: Polska

polska-2d_cover2Things we love about Polska (in equal measure):

  1. The food
  2. The front cover
  3. The author’s fabulous name!

As an admirer of cookbooks and an inconsistent chef at home, I was wary of buying yet another book to add to my series of untouched recipes, however I ignored my inner conservative and finally took it home.

Over the past weekend I have leafed feverishly through the chapters, pondering which hearty dishes would begin my polish culinary journey. I settled on four.

I spent my Saturday rolling Pierogi dumplings, frying Plaki with mushrooms, and blending exquisite, chunky sauces for gypsy style greens. The smell of sweet paprika and honey mingling with the Pierogi baking in the oven strengthened my cooking aspirations. Soon there we all were, passing the fragrant dishes from one person to the next, mouths full to the brim with the warmth of freshly steamed veggies and the small pops of spice through the sauce, nibbling away at the buttery pierogi and savoring the creamy mushroom Plaki.

A few days after that, my magnum opus. Autumnal Potato dumplings with juicy plum centers. Filling and delicious, it ended up being the main meal of the day for myself and a friend.

polksa plum

The inventive recipes never seem to cease and while the final products look impressive, they are relatively easy and cheap meals to make. So unless you are all-at-once allergic to potato, butter, onion, and flour, you can safely bet that there is something in this cookbook for you.

Bon appetit! or as the Polish would say, Smaczego!





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