Design love: Juniper Books

Juniper Books founder Thatcher Wine (great name) believes that there is a book out there for everyone that means something incredibly personal, be it an inspiring person’s story, a picture book or an unknown novel.

 “I have this vision everyone should have the books they love, in the format they want, so they have reason to revisit those books, share them with others, and keep them forever. For every single person in the world, there is a printed book that means something.”

Juniper Books was born out of Thatcher Wine’s love of design, reading, and the realisation and celebration of how influential our favourite stories can be. Since 2001 Juniper Books has been working with designers and artists to create custom editions of many old, modern and contemporary classics and has been featured in Vogue and many other high profile publications.

Now down to the nitty-gritty. Check out these covers! Love.Their.Work.


And you can check their full catalogue here:


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